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Communication is essential in any relationship, including the ones you have with your readers, clients, members and supporters.

As a magazine publisher, editor, small-business owner or nonprofit leader, you know that good communication is vital to your success, but maybe you don't have the time or ability to put a solid communication plan in place. You wouldn't allow someone who is untrained in plumbing to fix your water heater or patch a leaky pipe. So don't allow someone untrained in writing, editing or media relations to handle those essential efforts for your business or publication.

The next time you're assigning articles, seeking editing assistance, or developing a brochure, newsletter or client letter, ask yourself whether you should do an OK job on your own—one that your competitors just might top—or whether you should look into professional writing, editing or media relations assistance to produce an insightful, top-of-the-line piece that will get noticed by the clients you want. Then send an email to Lisa Munniksma to discuss your needs and get a quote.

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